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"My life before this program was a disaster, I never thought I was going to be able to get clean. Since completing the program in 2015 I have done a complete 180. I have completed school, maintained a job, restored relationships and remained drug free for the first time in my life."

                         -Abby Haroldson

"I was lost and homeless with nothing but shame guilt and anger.. now because of River City teaching me how to let go and let God, I am becoming a CNA, a wife, and a full time Mom."

                    -Moriah Freeman

Most of us, as addicts, have had a deluded sense of what love is. How to love, or how to be loved, never quite made it into our curriculum of life. If it was how we were raised, or some trauma turned defect that we picked up along the way; it really doesn't matter. The fact is our love-o-meter is pretty jacked. At RCRM we are learning to love. How to love ourselves, each other, and most importantly, we are learning to love and trust in Jesus. It is through Him and His complete unconditional way of loving us, that we begin to hold our heads a little higher. We start to see something good in ourselves. Look to our neighbor and see something good in them too. We feel loved. We feel encouraged. We feel real peace and joy. We feel Jesus moving inside us. There is nothing more satisfying, more powerful, than the love of Jesus Christ. Into us, through us, and out of us, His love is building His body. We are a part of the body of Christ. We can stand in faith that we have already won. Fearless, for we know that every knee will bow to Him who lives inside of us. We just have to believe it.

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