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Program Overview 

River City Recovery Ministries is a faith based residential sober living program.  We are committed to helping each resident prosper in their Christian walk and personal recovery.  We strive to maintain accountability, consistency, and safety for all our residents.


0 - 14 Days 

The purpose is to smoothly assimilate each new resident into our community

During this 2-week probationary period, new residents may be required to turn in cellphone and internet-capable devices. Use buddy system while out of the house . (We reserve the right to dismiss any resident within the first 14 days without explanation.)


1 - 3 Months 

The goal is personal awareness; being able to identify specific areas of personal growth that need attention. Learn how to take responsibility for your actions. 

  • Continue work with sponsor

  • Begin therapy (if necessary)


3 - 6 Months 

The purpose is to develop the coping skills necessary for continued long-term recovery. Employment at this stage must be approved by staff

  • Begin community service

  • Discuss with staff your specific needs for the future

  • Attend additional goal-oriented classes. ( Anger management, parenting, money management)


6 - 12 Months 

The purpose is to  demonstrate proficiency in recovery principles and begin Transition back into the Community

  • Create long-term recovery plan with staff

  • Obtain suitable employment

  • Understand how to budget

  • Obtain suitable housing

RCRM Standards

  • No Drug/Alcohol Use

  • Rooms are subject to random searches by staff

  • Residents are subject to random drug testing

  • No pornography

  • No intimate relationships with individuals with those residing at RCRM

  • Staff must approve all passes

  • Cars are allowed by LICENSED, INSURED drivers only.

    • we will need a copy of license and insurance to be kept on file

  • Visitors/children are approved at staff

    • Visitors are restricted to shared areas of the house

  • Maintain personal hygiene

  • Paperwork must remain current & on file

    • RCRM Application

    • Combined Application for GRH

    • Statement of need signed by physician

    • Emergency Contact Information

    • CURRENT medication list

    • Medication Changes must be reported and documented within 5 days

    • Controlled medications (suboxone, benzodiazepine, opiates, amphetamine, etc.)    must be disclosed immediately. A lockbox will be provided, and resident is subject to med-counts at any time


Household Responsibility

  • Curfew:  Sunday – Thursday: 11:00pm     Friday and Saturday: 12:00am

  • Home pass request must be completed and submitted to staff by Thursday

  • House meetings are mandatory (The Purpose is to give accountability for actions & resolve house issues)

  • Chores are decided within each house. Each resident will be responsible for their assigned chore(s)

  • Smoking is allowed in designated areas only.

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